Not Sure How to Handle the Insurance Paperwork on your Roofing Repairs?

Let our roofing company handle your insurance claim in Johnstown, Fort Collins, CO & The Entire Front Range

RTC Roofing & Exteriors makes dealing with your insurance company easy. Thanks to our years of experience as Northern Colorado's premier roofing company, we understand how to work with the insurance companies to make claims easy. We work hard to help you get your insurance company to pay for your new roof-after all, that's why you have insurance! We offer a thorough roof inspection and can meet with your insurance adjuster (at no cost to you) at your home to go over our inspection with them. We'll provide the necessary documents and diagrams detailing your roof damage, showing them that a roofing replacement is, in fact, necessary. When it comes to getting them to pay for your new roof, we're on your side, and we know how to help you get the most for your new roof.

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RTC Roofing & Exteriors will keep working with your insurance company until the job is done

Once the insurance company has approved your new roof, we continue to stay in contact with them during the replacement. A project supervisor will be on site, and an in-house roofing consultant will be available to answer any questions you or your insurance company have during the project. Most projects take one to three days to finish, although some are done in a day. We'll make sure that you have all of the paperwork you need before we leave, and you are always welcome to contact our team with questions or concerns, even after our roofing contractors have completed your new roof.

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